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There are different schools of yoga but they all aim to achieve the same result.

Physical postures

To many people when thinking of yoga, it is the physical postures that they imagine are the goal of the practice. This is just one aspect of the practice. However, perseverance with the postures inevitably leads to a deeper understanding of yoga.

As we practise, there will be an emphasis on breath work (Pranayama), sense withdrawal (Pratyahara) and concentration (Dharana) along with work on the physical postures (Asanas)

It is not all about how flexible you are, or if you can twist yourself into exotic shapes.

The breath should be the focus.

The physical and external aspect of yoga is to encourage a healthy, balanced, symmetrical, comfortable body and nervous system.

The more important goal of yoga is to still the distracting fluctuations of the mind.


I would like to help more people to help themselves, by taking up the practice.

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Dear Steve, Thank you so much for your excellent teaching and all you share with us. Your classes have made a big difference to my wellbeing health and life

Susanna Rance

Steve is unforgettable. As the owner of a busy International yoga studio (see I know what it takes of a teacher to really make an impact and Steve has all of that in abundance. Energy, passion, dedication, focus, a real love of the practice, humility and I could go on and on. Steve as a teacher is a gift to his students and I am humbled that we have been a part of his voyage.

Valerie Jeremijenko

J’ai suivi les cours de yoga de Steve à Marseille, en 2015. A ce moment, j’avais besoin d’une pratique dynamique, presque sportive mais en même temps, de me recentrer sur mon corps et de calmer mon mental. Le yoga de Steve est un yoga complet, qui alterne les séquences rapides, le maintien des postures, les exercices de respiration et de relaxation. J’ai apprécié sa manière d’enseigner, il partage son amour du yoga et à l’écoute du niveau et de la forme physique des participants

J. Guillot, Marseille (France)

Steve is an excellent humble yoga teacher, I have been to many of his inspiring classes.

D Callaghan

“I'm really enjoying this Sunday morning yoga class with Steve. It's tough but relaxing too. I feel great for the rest of the day. Its a fabulous class! I’ve always wanted to try yoga and I’m so glad I did. Steve is a great teacher and he’s inspired me to get strong and supple.

Sally Puntis