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I have taught yoga now in almost every setting possible. Venues such as Plymouth life centre for two years. Brickfields sports centre also for two years. Nuffield gym, Plymouths only dedicated yoga studio the Yoga Loft (sadly closed now). Classes in church halls. I’ve covered yoga classes at most venues in the city.

I also spent time teaching yoga in Marseille France, twelve months of which teaching at a dedicated ashtanga school.

As a result, I feel I have some experience in the subject.

Teaching Medical Students

I recently started classes with medical students at Plymouth University.

This is possibly the most rewarding yoga teaching experience I’ve had. The students are very keen, intelligent and polite. I am very happy that my teaching is having an impact in an area that I feel is of importance. In other words, these yoga students will become doctors or GP’s.

I have always enjoyed teaching yoga, at all the classes I’ve taught. Teaching medical students is different. It allows me to sharpen up on my anatomy and physiology and these classes have also helped me to start something I’ve felt for some time now that could be helpful when teaching yoga classes.

Technology in the Yoga Class

Utilising technology to help demonstrate to students the anatomy of a yoga pose. The classroom contains a projector and screen that I can attach a device to demonstrate a 3D image of the body during a yoga posture. This helps the students to understand which muscles are contracted and released or stretched.

Understanding Yoga

Yoga should be a system for everyone, to maintain healthy body’s and relaxed focused minds, without it appearing like some sort of mystical cult, buried in misunderstanding.

I am often asked about different types of yoga. Questions like “How long does it take ? ”

Clearly many people are confused about what the practise of yoga actually is.

It should be taught in schools from an early age.

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  • dannycallaghan says:

    Steve is an excellent humble yoga teacher, I have been to many of his inspiring classes. (D.Callaghan)

  • J. Guillot says:

    J’ai suivi les cours de yoga de Steve à Marseille, en 2015. A ce moment, j’avais besoin d’une pratique dynamique, presque sportive mais en même temps, de me recentrer sur mon corps et de calmer mon mental. Le yoga de Steve est un yoga complet, qui alterne les séquences rapides, le maintien des postures, les exercices de respiration et de relaxation. J’ai apprécié sa manière d’enseigner, il partage son amour du yoga et à l’écoute du niveau et de la forme physique des participants.
    J. Guillot, Marseille (France)

  • Steve is unforgettable. As the owner of a busy International yoga studio (see yamayogastudios.com) I know what it takes of a teacher to really make an impact and Steve has all of that in abundance. Energy, passion, dedication, focus, a real love of the practice, humility and I could go on and on. Steve as a teacher is a gift to his students and I am humbled that we have been a part of his voyage.

  • Susanna Rance says:

    Dear Steve, Thank you so much for your excellent teaching and all you share with us. Your classes have made a big difference to my wellbeing health and life.

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