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I’ve been teaching people to play The Guitar since I was 19 yrs old. That was…cough… some time ago now. A few years ago I decided to stop teaching guitar. I just felt I had dedicated a huge amount of my life to teaching guitar and I wanted to move away from this area entirely. It was stifling my creativity. At the time I was meditating a lot, and something just told me I needed to move away from teaching for a while at least.  Actually, this was when I became a yoga teacher, so I had not stopped teaching at all but had changed from guitar lessons to yoga classes.

I think I needed to allow my guitar playing to be a pleasure to me again. It had lost the feeling of being something that took me away from stress and problems, but actually became a job that I did not like. This was no good at all. It is not why I began playing the guitar.

Having said all this I am extremely proud of the decades I have spent teaching and the successes I’ve had. Many of my old students are now guitar teachers themselves and others have gone on to become professional musicians. Very few no longer play the guitar.

So after 5 or so years of not teaching the guitar… I’m actually quite excited to say that I am going to recommence my guitar teaching.

I am looking forward to passing on my experience and knowledge which is now so much more than before. I’ve learnt a lot since I’ve gone back to just playing the guitar for my own pleasure, concentrating on my gigs and on what I need to focus on for myself, rather than my students.

I feel its time to share this with others. Contact for more info.

Update: I am now able to provide online lessons using facetime or skype

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Steve Osman is a Musician and a Yoga Instructor.

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