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Local guitar and musical instrument store Sound Unlimited is as far as I know the only music shop left in Plymouth. Rich Turner is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful music store owners I’ve ever known.

Without fail whenever I’ve had an issue with a guitar or any of my equipment, Rich has been 100% helpful. Many times I’ve needed a job done that other music shops and guitar luthiers in the past would have turned down through either lack of knowledge or just plain disinterest.

I’ve had guitars set up by supposed experts, who have given me back an instrument that is almost unplayable!. ¬†However, I’ve had 100% customer satisfaction from this store.


Rich, his father John Turner, and Paul Mountjoy have always been polite and helpful even when the shop is full of people and chaotic. They have always found time to help me with any problems I may have.

I encourage every musician in the city and elsewhere to support Rich and his crew at Sound Unlimited. They are doing a great job, Priceless!

Here is a link to their facebook page.

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