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Benefits of Inversions

I’m just finished doing some daily yoga asana practice and realised I’m gravitating toward inversions… (unintended pun)

Perhaps because I realise (as I age) just how much of our time we spend one way up!

Anyhow so after some time doing a headstand and shoulder stand, (I have not really got space where I live right now to practise handstands!) it occurred to me to write a little blog on the benefits of inversion.

Particularly full inversions such as shoulder stand and headstand, as these, get everything pretty much upside down.

lymphatic system

This is one of our body’s drainage systems (a ditch system I often think of it) it functions normally against gravity by muscles being pumped as we move around walk etc.

so being in inversion gives it a chance to take advantage of gravity to move around the body with less restriction or muscle contraction.

Blood pressure

Perhaps inversions can help to lower blood pressure as blood can flow easier to the heart, perhaps best to be careful with this for anyone with a history of blood pressure issues. but if you’ve never tried it some gentle inversions could be just the thing you need.


Digestive system

I would imagine a lot of processes can become rather stagnant in the gut and turning everything upside down more often along with other exercises such as twists and folds could benefit sluggish digestion.

It feels good

Whatever it does. I benefit from it. Personally, I notice less puffiness in my ankles and feet and I generally feel lighter, fitter and more energised after doing some inversions. I also notice shoulder stand( and backwards rolling over the spine ) for example seems hard at first in the mornings (tight upper back, not easy to get upright and in the centre of gravity at first,  but soon improves greatly with a few times getting in and out of the pose .. suggesting my body is tight, to begin with, in the mornings after a night sleeping, but soon opens up and benefits from my practise at the start of the day.


I’m sure there are a ton of other benefits from inversion I’ve not mentioned, this was just a quick post. I may add to it.


steve osman

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Steve Osman is a Musician and a Yoga Instructor.

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