Session Guitarist

As a session Guitarist, Steve has a wealth of experience in the recording studio and he is one of the most versatile guitarists you are likely to come across.

If you are looking for a pro guitarist, contact Steve.

“A worldly mix of fluent Guitar”

Song For George

Metal Guitar Solo

Take 5

Foreign Land Live


Steve plays Steel-string acoustic, Nylon-string acoustic, Electric guitar all styles. He is a fluent sight-reader. An intuitive, creative, versatile and above all musical guitar player. He is also a master with a loop pedal.


Steve has written and produced music for Prime Time BBC TV show Rick Steins French Odyssey  Cavaillon

It’s also noteworthy that some of his compositions and recordings were licensed by The Musicians Institute in Hollywood California for a promotional video soundtrack.


Steves guitars are mainly hand made models by English luthiers with the exception on one Godin Multiac, synth access guitar.

For live electro-acoustic performance. Bose L1 Model 2 with two bass units. Via an AER compact 60 combo.

The main guitar is fitted with two k and k piezo pickups mixed via an outboard preamp. then a red-eye pre amp provides direct input to the Bose tone match engine. In the red-eye effects loop, A strymon big sky  and then two tc electronics ditto pedals. one ditto 2 and a ditto 4.

Steve can provide front of house with a choice of a very hot XLR mono out direct from the red-eye OR Stereo XLR outs.

Electric rig consists of a Morgan MVP23 head and a one by 12 cabinet with a Celestion cream back.

This is then processed by either a boss waza Tube amp expander or a UAD Ox amp top box. the boss is used for live work and the Ox is intended for nailing the best cabinet/mic emulations and processing currently available.

Steve simply uses the best gear that is currently available to get top of the range sounds with the minimum of hassle in order to concentrate on the far more important job of making music.


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