Steve Osman doing splits guitar session guitarist

Session Guitarist.

As a session Guitarist, Steve has a wealth of experience in the recording studio and he is one of the most versatile guitarists you are likely to come across. This also applies to Live performance.  Therefore if you are a band or act of any kind, looking for a pro guitarist, contact Steve.

“A worldly mix of fluent Guitar”

      1. Song for George


Singers or other instrumentalists looking for a versatile and experienced guitarist to back them? Steve plays Steel string acoustic, Nylon-string acoustic, Electric guitar all styles. He is a fluent sight reader. An intuitive, creative, versatile and above all musical guitar player. He is also a master with a loop pedal.

Composition recording and production.

Steve has successfully written and produced music for BBC TV.  It is noteworthy that his compositions and recordings have been licenced by The Musicians Institute in Hollywood California for a promotional video soundtrack.

Furthermore, Steve’s original composition and guitar playing/production can be heard on prime time BBC tv show Rick Steins French Odyssey. Here is a link to the soundtrack album on iTunes cavaillon

In conclusion, he has the experience and skills to get the job done, efficiently and to a high standard.


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