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Guitar Equipment
29th December 2022

My Chris Eccleshall slim body nylon string electro acoustic guitar.

In 1996 my nylon string slim-line electro-acoustic guitar was completed by Luthier Chris Eccleshall. Chris…
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26th May 2022

Inversions (going upside down)

Benefits of Inversions I'm just finished doing some daily yoga asana practice and realised I'm…
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8th February 2019

Yoga on the other side of the planet

Yoga In Sydney a very general overview (my personal British perspective) Yoga is massive in…
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Steve Osman entertaining the crowd, Bar Manolo, Marseille.
4th November 2017

Living in Marseille

So, I decided to move to Marseille in 2014. It's exciting, It's dirty, hot and gritty,…
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