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Currently, I am in Southampton UK and can offer one to one yoga classes at your home. Contact for pricing and details.

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My teaching style draws inspiration from Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga. My classes can be challenging, they have a strong emphasis on breath work (pranayama) the stilling of the mind (pratyahara) and ultimately meditation. The physical postures are simply a warm-up for this subject and not the end all and be all of what Yoga is.

I describe the physical part of my teaching style as “dynamic”. I modify the poses and sequences in order to best suit the class I am teaching.

I respect and understand the chanting that is very much an important part of the Ashtanga tradition however I do not include chanting in my classes.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

It is not all about how bendy you are, or if you can twist yourself into exotic shapes. Much of that can be ego, and we are trying to rid ourselves of that part of the mind, at least temporarily!

The physical aspect is there to encourage a healthy comfortable body. The more important goal of yoga however is to still the fluctuations of the mind.

I would like to help more people to help themselves, by taking up the practice.


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I started practising Yoga, actually when I was a child. I remember practising the “Lotus Position” mainly because it looked interesting! I also dabbled in Meditation in my early twenty’s. But did not really “Get It”

Much Later after some travelling, I returned to the UK with a renewed interest in Yoga and Meditation and I had also quit smoking. A friend encouraged me to try a Yoga class with her. I went along wearing totally the wrong clothes and with the wrong yoga mat and I was completely shocked at how hard I found the practice. In particular, these repeated postures that were forcing me to open in my shoulders and hips and stretch my hamstrings. I realised my core strength was non-existent! but I stuck at it.

I got a better yoga mat! and some shorts.

At first, it was the physical side that interested me, but soon I could tell it was having a positive mental effect. Slowly I became more and more interested in what this practice was doing for me. It was making my life better/easier. I was more focused. More interested in other people, a happier and nicer person.

During a six-month music contract performing in Doha Qatar, in my spare time, I attended Yama Yoga Studios. This was my first real introduction to Ashtanga yoga. It was remarkably hard! but I loved it and I could feel it was transforming me. After this experience, I was now fascinated with yoga.

One time I attended a teacher training class by mistake! but I was kindly allowed to stay and practice with the other trainee teachers. It was very embarrassing as I had no idea what I was doing! but the first seeds of thought of passing my very limited knowledge to others started to occur to me.

I returned to the UK with a thirst for more knowledge of this “Ashtanga” yoga but could not find any classes that came close to the experience in the middle east.

Needing a deeper immersion into yoga in general,  I travelled to India and attended the Himalaya Yoga Valley Training Centre. My-self and twenty-two others from around the globe, spent twelve hours per day, six days a week training in meditation, pranayama, chanting, anatomy, asana and philosophy. Eating almost a purely vegetarian diet and living 2 mins walk from a beautiful beach. Unfortunately, this had to come to an end. But I returned to the UK a fully qualified yoga instructor.

Steve Osman Yoga Teacher training in India

In the UK I also studied and gained a level 3 diploma in Massage and successfully completed an ITEC diploma in Anatomy Physiology and Pathology.

After two years teaching yoga at Plymouth life centre, Brickfields sports centre and Plymouth’s own dedicated studio The Yoga Loft. It was time for some more travelling.

I moved to Marseille in the South of France and through good fortune ended up with my own class at a dedicated Ashtanga school Yama where I taught for a year.

I was able to attend all other classes and learnt a great deal from my fellow yoga teachers including Vanessa Brouillet, Alexia Galleron and Savitri Igos.

I returned again to the UK where I resumed my classes and had the opportunity of teaching yoga to medical students at Plymouth University, a good chance to brush up on my anatomy.

Its great to see that yoga is now being taken more seriously by the medical profession.

Most recently an extended trip (6 months) to Australia and Bali Indonesia has broadened my mind. Learning more from other teachers, schools of thought, other cultures, and seeing how the practise is continuing to rapidly expand and develop.

I have tried almost every type of yoga class and have learnt so much. I am excited to resume my teaching in the Uk for 2019 !

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