Steve Osman Guitar Soloist

An outstanding virtuoso guitarist for your Wedding or corporate event.
Steve Osman is one of the south-wests finest guitarists, with the experience and professionalism to ensure your event is a total success. During your wedding ceremony or after the ceremony. On stage at a corporate event, at a private party, acoustic or amplified. Steve’s repertoire and performance will be perfect for your event whatever it is. Accomplished, professional, relaxing, entertaining and tailored to your needs.

In addition bespoke arrangements of your favourite songs are available on request.

“Very rarely will you ever hear the guitar played with such enthusiasm and ease” (Jazz Cafe)

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steve osman doing the splits Health
10th June 2018

Musicians Injury’s

Recently I came across a post from a guitarist who has been suffering from a compressed ulnar nerve. This reminded me of something that I have been through. A period of time...
30th March 2018

Learning French

After studying the French language now for approximately four years. I have to say it's one of, if not the most difficult task I've ever given myself. I lived and worked...
Steve Osman entertaining the crowd, Bar Manolo, Marseille. Travel
4th November 2017

Living in Marseille

So, I decided to move to Marseille in 2014. It's exciting, It's dirty, hot and gritty, not clean, not much greenery, plants die, the wind can rip your face off. Rain...